Make sure the key players in your wedding are at the Wedding Rehearsal.

It is extremely important to have key individuals at your wedding rehearsal. This includes Officiants, the choir, ushers, family members that are involved in the program, and bridal party. It is pivotal to have details squared away before the actual wedding day and the best place and time to discuss and practice that is during the rehearsal! So our strongest recommendation is to have the key people for the day of your wedding at your rehearsal, in order to make sure there are no surprises or hiccups during your wedding!

Invite family members that are not involved to the rehearsal dinner at a later start time.

The last thing you need during your rehearsal is the addition of family & friends that will potentially side track your rehearsal. We know how easy it is to get caught up in conversation once these special folks arrive. In order to stay on track give family members not involved in the rehearsal a later arrival time so they can attend the rehearsal dinner.

Ensure your wedding planner runs the rehearsal.

The last thing you want during a rehearsal is to have too many cooks in the kitchen. Therefore, let the wedding coordinator handle the details and call on all the necessary parties including the officiants when required.