Meet the Team

Lisa, Co-Founder & Fine Details Director

I grew up in a home where my parents had a sincere passion for hospitality. I constantly saw them give their best to all their guest and visitors. Their ‘gift’ to service people left a mark on me. I saw myself desiring to throw beautiful and thoughtful parties for family, friends and our community. From community events to weddings – I have always wanted to throw a great party which for me, is always, in the details. From the minute guests receive an invitation to the time they leave the party, I want them to see, feel and know they have been to a well-orchestrated and thoughtful event.

Betsy, Co-Founder & Fine Details Director

As a child, I was always around people, whether it be family, friends, church folks – I was rarely ever “alone”. Growing up in such an environment made me love being in other’s company so much more. I loved seeing joy, laughter, smiles, and the feeling of having loved ones together. It was a special feeling I grew accustomed too. That coupled with the fact that I had this thing about having everything organized and in certain places, is where my love for coordinating came from. I was always the “coordinated” one in school – all my crayons had to go in one box, and all my markers in another. As I got older, that coordination played a huge role in everything I did – I loved seeing people smile when they were at ease. Whatever I could do to remove the burden or stress away from others, was always a joy for me. From being in the company of others to organizing and focusing on the minor details, I always enjoyed planning.